Like adding a room to your studio

Micro room is the solution for the issues created by amplified instruments with open speakers and is a fast and easy way to smooth and enhance digital sounds.

In the studio: MICRO ROOM controls volume allowing more effective monitoring for better tracking results. Record electric guitar, acoustic instruments and vocals live in the same room.
On the QUIET stage:   Micro Room allows you to send the sound of your preferred rig with your preferred setting to the board for perfect house and monitor mixes.
Late night tracking at home:  Allows others to sleep while you wail.
The digital domain :  Reamp your amp sims, output your Digital reverb, keyboard, drum machine etc. to add Air and Analog Smoothness to the sound.

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There is more to making a Silent Speaker Enclosure
than just putting a speaker & microphone in a sealed box.

Selecting the right speaker and tuning the enclosure to work properly with that speaker is a must if you want an open natural sound.
Micro Room comes with a specially selected speaker in a specifically tuned enclosure.

Version 2 is the culmination of over 20 years of exploration  (called R&D by some) I think we’ve met the challenges of finding the right speaker and tuning an isolating cabinet for that speaker.

-a few random speaker facts-
1-Speakers that sound good firing into a room’s ‘open air’ won’t sound the same when restricted in a sealed enclosure. One might even say they usually sound pretty bad.

2-The larger the speaker the more directional and beamy it becomes making mic placement more critical.

3-The larger the speaker the more distance it takes for the sound to become ‘coherent’ making close micing less pleasing.

4- A larger speaker like a 12” in a sealed environment requires a very large cabinet to have enough air volume to work properly.

5-Larger speakers are typically much louder than smaller speakers making a ‘silent speaker cab’ much less silent …kind of defeats the purpose eh?

6-large enclosures, increase the cost of building and shipping the cabinet. (ok that’s not a speaker factoid but it is related the subject)

7-A 5”or 6” speaker in a properly tuned cabinet will have good frequency extension in the upper and lower frequencies. Think of a typical small nearfield monitor, the low frequency is sufficient to reproduce bass, guitar, keys, drums  etc.

TECH SPECS and info 

The speaker in the Micro Room is a very good sounding 6” Jensen guitar speaker (V6C) selected for its sound and several additional properties that allow it to function naturally in a reasonably sized tuned and sealed enclosure. 

The enclosure tuning helps eliminate unwanted enclosure artifacts and allows the speaker to operate more naturally like it is in open air.

Micro Room comes  with speaker installed, a mounted gooseneck with mic clip, internal mic cable and acoustic treatment, two speaker inputs and one XLR out for the mic.
One  of the speaker inputs goes stright to the speaker and is rated at 15 watts. The second input adds a 6db pad and is rated at 50 watts. 

Micro Room is constructed from high mass MDF for maximum sound proofing. All joints are screwed and glued for maximum stability.

11.5" x 11.5" x 22"  / 32lb.......Think inside the box

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