Like adding a room to your studio

Micro room is the solution for the issues created by amplified instruments with open speakers and is a fast, easy and economical way to smooth and enhance digital sounds.

I've have been R&D'ing (tweeking) Isolated speakers for over 20 years and I think Version 2 is by far the best sounding iso cab available...and it is compact and affordable

In the studio: MICRO ROOM controls volume allowing more effective monitoring for better tracking results. Record electric guitar, acoustic instruments and vocals live in the same room.
On the QUIET stage:   Micro Room allows you to send the sound of your preferred rig with your preferred setting to the board for perfect house and monitor mixes.
Late night tracking at home:  Allows others to sleep while you wail.
The digital domain (Indirect Box):  Output your Digital reverb, keyboard, drum machine etc. to an amp and run it thru the Micro Room to add Air and Analog Smoothness to the sound… better yet ..get two and go stereo.

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Micro Room comes  with a great sounding Jensen speaker installed, a mounted gooseneck with mic clip, internal mic cable and acoustic treatment, two speaker inputs and one XLR out for the mic.
One  of the speaker inputs goes stright to the speaker and is rated at 15 watts. The second input adds a 6db pad and is rated at 50 watts. 

Micro Room is constructed from high mass MDF for maximum sound proofing. All joints are screwed and glued for maximum stability.

11.5" x 11.5" x 22"  / 32lb.......Think inside the box

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