roger brainard
musician - time traveler - hillbilly

Roger has collaborated and performed with artists from all over the known world....past, present and future:
Liberia's  ‘MEDUSA REGGAE’, Caroline Aiken (Queen of 
the Folkies), Alpha Blondy Band (West Africa's Reggae 
Kings), Angie Aparo (the indie prince), JumpKings Blues 
Band, Members of Mylon's Broken Heart Band, Elephants Gerald and several iterations of his own device. 

During a 5 year ‘tour’ as guitarist/producer at Little  River Studio Roger co-produced and performed on over 150 tracks for Thunderbird Records, several  projects for the famed SUN label and ‘laid trax’ for several Tom Long projects (then president of ASCAP)
OK...but what have you done for me lately???
Since signing to rrrrrrecords roger has produced a lot of music and several videos. The most recent projects being "Time Stand Still" and "Footprints on the Moon"  both are worth a deep listen. 

Roger is currently playing guitar with Steve Baskin Band, writing for an upcoming solo EP project with Grammy award winning producer Mark Neill and working up some wierd live jive with the Guitaramy

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