Inductor EQ  / variable Filter Module / Vintage VOX style MidRange Boost / Overdriver / Notched Wah / Enhancer.

Developed in association with  grammy award winning producer/engineer Mark Neill (Soil of the South Studios) to emulate the MidRange  Boost function on vintage VOX amplifiers.
But the goodness does not stop there.
We added Master Volume,  Intensity & Sweep controls allowing the Peak Freq to be used subtly as an ‘always on’ pedal to add the finishing touch to your tone, stacked as a booster/enhancer, or used radically to provide a quantum leap to vintage British tone,  Texas tone, Woman tone and many many others.
Is that all? Nope… add presence, subs  and  punch to Bass, Keyboards or any source.

Each unit is built by hand from scratch one in at a time in the USA featuring: All discrete components, point to point wiring, true bypass, full grounding harness, fully shielded enclosure, nice bright lights and unique artwork by Bobby Slashjohn.
The first 10 units have been signed by Mark Neill and Bobby Slashjohn on the outside and me (Roger Brainard) on the inside.

Deceptively simple / Amazingly versatile

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