roger brainard
musician - time traveler - hillbilly

Starting life deep in the northern Appalachians, wandering the woods and walking the rails left indelible impressions on me.
A move to the Carolinas in my teens  caused the  collision of my  hillbilly roots with  the beat & soul of southern music  sparking  a hunger in my soul  for more..... so in a few years I relocated to the flatlands of Georgia and dove in..... deep.

Since signing to rrrrrrecords we've  recorded some  music and shot a few videos. The most recent projects being "Time Stand Still" and "Footprints on the Moon"  both are worth a good listen. 

OK...but what have I done for you lately???

Right now I'm very excited to be writing music  for an upcoming solo EP project with Grammy award winning producer Mark Neill, digging the guitar spot in Steve Baskin Band and working on some wierd live jive with the Guitaramy.

hope to see you out there in the wild.

check out some music

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