Theabis Debris
Blues & Such

Theabis has collaborated and performed with artists from all over the known world....past, present ........and future: Liberia's ‘MEDUSA REGGAE’, Caroline Aiken (Queen of 
the Folkies), Alpha Blondy Band (West Africa's Reggae 
Kings), Angie Aparo (the indie prince), JumpKings Blues 
Band, Members of Mylon's Broken Heart Band, Elephants Gerald and several iterations of his own device.

During a 5 year ‘tour’ as guitarist/producer at Little  River Studio Theabis co-produced and performed on over 150 tracks for Thunderbird Records, several  projects for the famed SUN label and ‘laid trax’ for several Tom Long projects (then president of ASCAP)

Theabis signed with rrrrrrecords in 2015 and  got to work on his debut album "I’ll Play the Blues for You” giving the ‘Theabis treatment’ to 3 classic songs and introducing 5 original songs which showcase Theabis's unique talent.
With some  drum hits by Lee Goodness (Curtis Mayfield) and some guitar gymnastics by Guitarmy vets Rick Hatfield and Jody Worrell mixed with the rock steady foundation of his band "THE SUDDEN BOYS" Theabis and company drive a truck load of fresh energy along the well traveled  roadway known as the  blues.
 Hope you dig - Grammich –janitor @ rrrrrrecords

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